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Stratton Industrial Commercial Real Estate Services Inc. has sold hundreds of buildings

Seller/Lessor Services

Since 1994, Stratton International, Inc. ("STRATTON") has developed a highly effective Marketing Action Plan ("MAP") to get your property sold and/or leased for the highest price possible.

Upon obtaining an exclusive Owner Agency Agreement to Sell and/or Lease your property, STRATTON will provide you with the following services:

  1. Property Analysis: Identify the Highest & Best Uses for your property.
  2. Market Valuation: Use the most current Sale and Lease Comps to properly price your property.
  3. Website and E-Brochure: Create a Comprehensive E-Brochure on our custom website Stratton1.com including property description, property features, detailed specifications, pricing & operating expenses, investment analysis, rent roll, demographics, aerial view, street map, freeway map, floor plan, site plan and photo tour.
  4. Search Engine Optimization & Sponsored Links: Our Website, Stratton1.com, has been optimized to create the maximum number of hits for all of the primary search engines such as google.com, yahoo.com and bing.com. Additionally, we purchase Sponsored Links on the top search engine(s) to obtain maximum exposure for your property.
  5. Brochure Mailer: Create a 4 page high resolution color UV-coated Brochure Mailer with a full page Cover Photo(s), photo gallery with a list of property features, site plan, floorplan(s), freeway map, street map and demographics of your property.
  6. AIR Industrial/Commercial Multiple: Feature your property in the AIR Industrial/Commercial Multiple, which is the largest Industrial/Commercial Real Estate Multiple in the State of California.
  7. LoopNet Commercial Database: Feature your property in LoopNet, which is the largest Commercial Real Estate Database in the world.
  8. Targeted Phone Calls: Call businesses with SIC codes (business catagories) that are best suited for the property, and owners of properties which surround the subject property or have the same type of use within the region.
  9. Marketing Signage: Install marketing signage on posts, building(s) frontage, and/or in windows.
  10. On-the-spot Contract Generation: Lease proposals, purchase offers, and/or all other required documents will be generated in minutes of being required.
  11. Prospect Follow-Up: All prospective buyers and/or tenants will be followed up with on a consistent basis.
  12. Marketing Updates: Property owner(s) shall be provided with marketing updates via email on a weekly basis.